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Open-hearted Words

Life changing

It's been a few weeks since my retreat and I'm still uncovering things I've learned and let go of. The back drop of volcano start nights and mountains made it the perfect place to find yourself and not take life so seriously. You're welcomed into a loving family and given so much individual attention. My marriage is in the best place it's been in years, I'm a more patient and loving mother. This retreat helped me let go of so much self hatred that years of meditation and yoga never could. I made life long friends and am already planning another trip to Costa Rica. I was skeptical but now know I was meant to meet these amazing people. Just book it..


I came on foot and left with wings
Great and magical experience in a beautiful environment. This experience means a lot to me. Thank you very much Bruno, Kay & his lovely family!


Thank you Bruno and Kay

Bruno and Kay have an amazing and loving family. My experience here was a transformative one. Everyone in my group can attest to that. After the first ceremony each person had a major shift in openness for the rest of the days together. Very safe. Very relaxing. Amazing view each morning on a hillside overlooking the volcano.

Couldn’t believe how interesting and educational the whole experience was. I’m a different person after this, or at least closer to who I should be. Thank you.


Words cannot describe this

It is hard to find the words to describe my time at the Butterfly Retreat Center. What I witnessed within myself and the other guests, over only a few days, was miraculous. Bruno, Kay and Family offer open hearts and profound guidance, moving you to reconnect with your soul. My experience with them will be forever etched into my heart and mind, and for that I am truly grateful.


Wonderful experience

Bruno and Kay are wonderful! Because the maximum number of people is 4, it allows for a very individualized experience. The whole environment, the preparation and the integration is designed to provide the best possible healing. The drawings and the talks with Bruno and Kay are very helpful. It is very useful, because it helps you focus on some things you might not have thought of. They also provide a very safe and comfortable environment to do the ceremonies.

When I arrived at the Butterfly Retreat center, I had a lot of tension, stress in my body and my mind had a tendency to start racing very easily. Now, I am much less stressed, it's been forever since I felt this sense of calm. The stress is dialed down 80% and it's much easier for me to bounce back to a default calm state after a stressful situation. I smile more easily now.

I'll be forever grateful to Bruno and Kay for all the help!


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