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On Demand Chrysalis Retreat with Plant Medicine / Close to Arenal Volcano

Customized your retreat experience choosing: ✔Your available days (minimum 3 days, up to 6 days). ✔Ayahuasca sessions that you want (from 1 to 4 sessions). ✔ Drawing Therapy. ✔Neuro-linguistic Programming therapy (from 1 to 4 sessions). ✔Being's Integral Coaching (4 sessions). ✔And more...

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On Demand Chrysalis Retreat with Plant Medicine / Close to Arenal Volcano
On Demand Chrysalis Retreat with Plant Medicine / Close to Arenal Volcano

Time & Location

Oct 01, 2023, 7:00 PM – Oct 02, 2023, 7:00 PM

La Tigra, Alajuela Province, La Tigra, Costa Rica

About the Event

On Demand Retreat as Part of a 7 Week Program (custumize it for 1 person, for 1 couple or for 5 people):



Pre-retreat preparation and guidance (3 video calls in 3 weeks)


✔Choose how many days you want (minimum 3 days, up to 6 days).

Customize your retreat experience choosing between the following therapies:

✔Ayahuasca sessions that you want (from 1 to 4 sessions).

✔ Drawing Therapy (individual or group sessions/ from 1 to 3 sessions).

✔Neuro-linguistic Programming therapy (individual or group sessions/ from 1 to 4 sessions).

✔Being's Integral Coaching (individual attention/ 4 sessions).

✔Reconstructive Workshop (for groups of 4 people/ 4 sessions).

✔Craniosacral therapy (individual attention/ on demand sessions).

✔1 Walk in nature group attention/ on demand sessions).

✔ 1 Watsu therapy (aquatic therapy/ (individual attention/ on demand sessions).

✔ 2 Yoga classes (individual or group attention).


Post-retreat support (3 video calls in 3 weeks)


Why such small groups?

Smaller groups create a more personalized and harmonious experience with the therapy techniques and the plant medicine. It allows for each individual to feel they are getting dedicated support throughout the experience.

What can I integrate with NLP exercises?*

-Identify personal psychological patterns programmed between 0 to 6 years of age.

-Identify limiting and empowering beliefs and values.

-Increase self awareness and understanding of mind maps and routes of thought-emotions.

-Provide participants with techniques for transforming psychological patterns.


What can I integrate with drawing therapy?*

-Recognize dormant or even subconscious traumatic experiences that continue to condition ones behavior, and the consequences associated with that behavior.

-Expand one’s consciousness of childhood conditioning.

-Projections of the present.

-Reveal hidden emotions.

What is continuous integration?*

We provide constant guidance and support from the beginning to the end of the healing process. Our unique offering means the participant can consult with our team, clarify doubts that may arise prior, during or after the event and share processes as required.

What does the walk in nature allow?*

The information field of nature is in constant flux with creative vital energy and therefore it provides the perfect surrounding to progress a participants learning.

Admission process

After paying the 14% down payment to Retreat Guru, we will send a form to fill and then we will schedule a video call for a Plant Medicine Q&A to proceed to the application process.

Note: the admission of the participant is not confirmed until Blue Butterfly Center has accepted it after completion of the application process. If not accepted, Retreat Guru will refund the 14% down payment.

Blue Butterfly Center Cancellation Refund Policy and Price Adjustments:

1) 3 months before the retreat date: 70% refund.

2) 2 months and 1 day to 3 months before the retreat date: 50% refund.

3) 1 month and 1 day to 2 months before the retreat date: 30% refund.

4) 1 day to 1 month before the retreat date: No refund.

The Blue Butterfly Center always prefers to offer the option to reschedule the retreat according to availability. Prices adjustments can occur as prices vary during the year.


-No refund applies during or after the retreat.

-As this is a small family business, price adjustments might apply to all reservations and reschedules 3 months or more prior to the retreat.

-We ask the participant to be on site between 3 pm. and 4 pm. the initial day.


$$$$ USD To be defined depending on the length of the retreat, the therapies chosen and the number of participants.


1. Fill the form clicking the "save your spot" botton.

2. For online payment we receive Zelle transfer --->

Recommendations: bring poncho, umbrella, flipflops, shoes/sandals for rain forest, night sweater, swimwear, towel, water bottle, insect repellent, healthy snacks of your preference.

Covid 19 protocols in Costa Rica:

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