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4 Night Ayahuasca Retreat near Arenal Volcano (Dec 19 to 23, 2022, La Tigra, Children's Eternal Forest)

To develop the heart-brain coherence so we can achieve a wholesome state of being physically and emotionally...

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4 Night Ayahuasca Retreat near Arenal Volcano (Dec 19 to 23, 2022, La Tigra, Children's Eternal Forest)
4 Night Ayahuasca Retreat near Arenal Volcano (Dec 19 to 23, 2022, La Tigra, Children's Eternal Forest)

Time & Location

Dec 19, 2022, 4:00 PM CST – Dec 23, 2022, 11:00 AM CST

La Tigra, Provincia de Alajuela, La Tigra, Costa Rica


About the Event

Come and ask the sacred plant of Ayahuasca and your ancestors to guide you and meet your True Self and the New Reality, the Realm of the Heart.

We offer a 4 night Ayahuasca experience with 2 plant medicines sessions and Neuro-linguistic Programming therapies (NLP) in a natural environment with an awesome volcano view. Through NLP techniques you will have the opportunity to reframe your thought patterns and emotions associated with them, so you can allow yourself to transform your belief system, that is to say, to change the electric and electromagnetic field that you create and resonate with. As well, we offer a very unique rebirth session in hot springs.


-Your registration is not confirmed until Butterfly Retreat Center has accepted it.

-We ask for the total payment before the interview via video call and every admitted participant should pay the total amount before the retreat .

-If you are not on time at the retreat center, we reserve the right to refuse admission so we can respect the therapeutic schedule and no refund applies.

Recommendations: bring poncho, umbrella, flipflops, shoes/sandals for rain forest, night sweater, swimwear, towel for Watsu therapy, water bottle, insect repellent.

Refund Policy:

1. As we are a small family business, cancellations are not refundable.

2. In case of cancellation, we prioritize the reschedule of the retreat according to the available dates, and in this case price adjustment may apply.

3. We reserve the right to refuse admission; in this case, we don't accept payment and Retreat Guru will refund the money of the reservation according to their own refund policies.

Please read until the end the following participation agreement that you will sign in the registration process on Dec 19th.

I express my free consent to participate in the "4 Night Ayahuasca Retreat near Arenal Volcano (Dec 19 to 23, 2022, La Tigra, Children's Eternal Forest)", likewise I understand and I am aware that I must comply with the requirements and demands established by the organizers of the event, consequently I DECLARE the following:

FIRST: I accept, understand and declare that I have been informed about the fact that an Ayahuasca Retreat does not replace medical, psychotherapeutic, psychiatric or other treatments. In this sense, I assure that I currently do not suffer from any mental or physical impediment that make it impossible for me to take responsibility for my actions.

SECOND: I understand that issues of a personal nature may arise during this work, causing unexpected psychological, emotional and physical responses.

THIRD: I assume responsibility for the physical, emotional, spiritual or mental symptoms or reactions that arise as a consequence of my participation, including any medical expenses that may be generated as a consequence of these symptoms or reactions.

FOURTH: I exempt the organizers, facilitators and participants of the work to be carried out from all responsibility. Including all the personnel who work with Bruno Frerard as well as the physical facilities where the event takes place.

FIFTH: I have nothing to claim in judicial or extrajudicial way, from the organizers, facilitators and participants of this work or any natural or legal person related to it, for any reason, releasing them from any type of legal responsibility, committing to maintain confidentiality of this agreement.

SIXTH (CONFIDENTIALITY): I understand that it is strictly prohibited to film, record or take any type of image, sound or video during work. I promise not to divulge, comment, or give an opinion on any of the topics or private matters that the colleagues could expose during the training, as well as on the practices, methods, techniques and contents created and taught by BRUNO FRERARD and other members of the team.

SEVENTH: I promise to attend punctually on all the dates and times established for the development of the event, the organizer being empowered to not admit the participant to the meeting if there is no justified cause.

EIGHTH: I declare that I do not currently suffer from covid-19, nor do I have related symptoms such as cough, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, lack of smell, likewise I assume the consequences of having omitted any information that could put my health at risk or that of the other participants, and I release Butterfly Retreat Center from any responsibility derived from these facts.

NINTH (Of non-compliance): I accept that the organizers are authorized to suspend my participation in any phase or stage of the retreat due to the total or partial non-compliance of the obligations that I have contracted in this agreement.

In cases in which the participant has omitted information related to their state of mental or physical health and their impossibility to participate in the retreat becomes evident, the organizers will immediately suspend their participation. Consequently, I accept that I do not have the right to claim or demand any type of compensation for air tickets, hotels, transportation expenses and any other that originates from my participation or not in the retreat.

The violation by the participant of the confidentiality agreement contained in the seventh clause of this agreement, will lead to the immediate suspension of the same, who will not have the right and no refund applies, nor to any type of of compensation for air tickets, hotels, transportation expenses and any other that originates from their participation or not in the event.


Mention or portray any of the following words on social networks, digital media or any other communication channel:

-Retreat Guru

-Butterfly Retreat Center

-Bruno Frerard

Authorization is required, so you must contact us at before publishing or disclosing any of the above information.

Understood and accepted.

Participation Agreement

1. It is not allowed to transfer the ticket to another participant.

2. If for any medical reason, health, war, natural catastrophes, government action or order and conflicts, etc. the retreat could not be carried out, no refunds applies. We are not responsible for any other type of compensation.

3. The participant will release the organizers, Bruno Frerard, Kaybeliz López, consultants or employees from all claims, expenses and obligations derived from any injury or damage to the participant that will occur during the event.

4. We are not responsible for objects forgotten at the event.

5. Minors or pregnant women are not accepted.

6. Participants are not allowed without full payment for the event.

7. We are not responsible for delays due to traffic or cancellation of flights of the participants that may cause inconveniences. We are not responsible for any kind of compensation.

8. We are not responsible in case of cancellation by the facilitator Bruno Frerard, a new date will be rescheduled and announced.

9. We are not responsible for the expenses generated by meals outside the program, air tickets and extras in case of suspending the event.

Understood and accepted.


1777 USD (it includes 3 night lodging, 3 daily meals, 2 plant medicines sessions,  NLP session with drawing therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Watsu Rebirth Therapy and 2 integrations).


1. Fill the form clicking the "save your spot" botton.

2. For online payment we receive Zelle transfer --->

3. For partial or total cash payment, you can do it at our center (in USD or CRC) after being agreed via videocall with your facilitator.

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